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Monday, 27 April 2015

Movie Moments | Avengers Age of Ultron Review (No Spoilers)

It is my firm belief, that when you find a movie, which is over two hours long, and it feels like it went quick, and you'd happily finish watching it and then turn around, buy a new ticket and watch it all over again. You've found an incredible movie.
This, is how I felt this afternoon as I sat in the cinema watching the latest Avenger movie.
For me, Age of Ultron wasn't just a great movie, it was an incredible movie.
Recently, I rewatched all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, in the lead up to going to see Age of Ultron. So all the movies are fresh in my memory, and I can say, without a doubt that Age of Ultron is my favourite.

Now, I've heard a lot of opinions that differ from mine. I saw the movie with my brother, and he liked it, but was disappointed.
I most definitely was not.

The thing that caught me about this movie, is that it had such a great balance between action, comedy, emotion and drama.
There were some incredible scenes. The acting was brilliant. The plot, for me, was one of the best in any comic book movie I've  seen, and overall it was just an incredibly entertaining movie.

I'd say that it's definitely a more serious movie than the first Avengers movie, and this was one of the things that made it so interesting to me.

There were some great interactions between the charcters, and the introduction of some really interesting new ones.

Overall, I was incredibly impressed by this movie, and from me, it definitely gets a 10/10.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

TV Moments | Poldark Review

Hi all,
Today marks the end of a series I have been watching avidly. The BBC mini series of Poldark. If you don't know what Poldark is, I'll fill you in a little.
Poldark is a series based off of the book series by Winston Graham. It follows Ross Poldark, as he returns from the American War of Independence to his beloved Cornwall. Returning he finds his world in ruins. His father dead. Their mines closed. His house wrecked and his sweetheart engaged.

The series moves fast, and over the eight episodes, it covers a lot of years. So much happens that the pacing of the show never feels slow. 
I think one of the best things about this show, is how amazing the characters are. Ross Poldark is a character you can really root for. He has this unfaltering integrity, and he stands up and fights for what he believes in.
Demelza, was an amazing character as well, and played so well. I loved her generosity, and the development of her character.
Each of the characters was portrayed perfectly, and I couldn't imagine anyone else taking any of the roles. There was a wonderful balance of good characters, and well played villains.
There were definitely highs and lows in the emotion of this series. It moved swiftly between happy moments, and despair. 

The series as a whole was fantastic. I'll definitely be tuning in to the second series when it airs. I'll also be getting the books, and working my way through them.
This has fast become one of my favorite shows. I'd highly recommend it.